Our main goal is to help you build a wildly successful global organisation but one that gives you the time and financial freedom you are looking for, here’s what some of our current members have to say!



Katy Curry
I’ve been in the academy for 1 year and never experienced coaching like it anywhere else! You get SO MUCH value for the monthly fee and skills no one else is teaching in the network marketing industry!

Kate Bartlett
I love this academy, I have automated my business and love everything they offer as coaches.
I have built my business globally and so grateful for their training!

Carla Maria
Since joining The Femalepreneurs Academy, my business feels and looks completely different.
I am now consistently attracting leads to me and converting them to recruits! 


Erin Foster
Using this training I have generated 3000 quality leads and I ranked 4 times within a few months
…I am  now 2 from the top of my comp plan! 

Sabrina Gendron
I love The Femalepreneurs Academy! They teach like no one else out there and actually help you to get huge results in your business!
I have learnt incredible things here!

Elizabeth Laurenzana
I now have full clarity on how to conduct my business properly on social media!
Their knowledge is incredible and are professionals

Tasha Hill
Tasha and Jo’s content really stood out to me and have loved it ever since I joined.
If you’re a network marketer, you need this membership!

Mary Cataldo
I lost my passion a long time ago for my business and ever since finding The Femalepreneurs Academy,
I have re-energised and learnt some serious skills for my business!