What Is Time Freedom To You?

So what is time freedom? To me, time freedom is having the time to live the life of your dreams. It’s waking up excited and having full faith and confidence that you have real stability in your business. It’s about being able to show up as your best self when needed, but also being able to have the time to do what you want in life, travel, spend time with loved ones and your friends, and take time out of your business whenever you need to and still get paid…

Now, this is exactly what I was told when I first joined network marketing many years ago. I was told I could go on holidays, I could have more time freedom, and I could earn an incredible wage from my phone and from home and be able to take time out whenever I needed.

However that wasn’t the case for many, many years. I worked really hard to build my business and was constantly online. I was always messaging people, I was always replying to people, customer enquiries, posting ads to attract attention in the hope of recruiting somebody, I was always replying to team that needed my help, I was always training people, 1-1 calls, prospect calls – you name it, I did it.

I loved it at first because I was always taught if your diary is full, it means you’re being productive and will lead to success. I was also told many moons ago that even if you do something no matter how small, every single day it will bring you results eventually.

Now, I will never sit here and say that working this way doesn’t give you success – it absolutely does because I’ve had that level of success myself from doing exactly this – however, it’s how it made me feel in the process.

I was told a long time ago – The harder you work, the easier it gets, the more you earn, the less you have to do.

This might be the case for some people depending on their compensation plan, what commissions they get weekly/monthly, what team retention rates they have – of course it boils down to a lot…

But what I have found over the years is it actually got a lot harder for me because I had more team to train, I had more prospect calls than ever, I had to help more team and I also developed a huge level of scarcity within my mindset. Now I know that these are exactly the things you have to do and it’s your job as a network marketer to follow through with all of these tasks. That is exactly what a network marketer does – it’s their job description, if you like… BUT my point is that I never had the real true time freedom everyone has been speaking about and telling me I will eventually have.

Obviously if you get yourself to a high level within your company, you can somewhat take your foot off the gas a little when it comes to recruiting people if you want to, because the money is there, your team are working and you’ll still be earning which is what most network marketers want to get to and I have also got to this point myself – but I still found myself constantly being on my phone, replying to messages, being on calls with people till the early hours, replying to customers – and it got to a point where I was losing relationships with friends, I didn’t have a social life for about 4 years, my boyfriend at that time was extremely unhappy because every time we spent time together, I was on my phone. Even if I sat at the dinner table with friends or family, I’d have my phone out next to my plate ready to reply to messages.

And to me, it shouldn’t be like, at all. If you’re going to go to dinner and spend time with your loved ones and have YOU time, your phone shouldn’t be anywhere near your dinner plate and you should give these people your time and effort and also – give yourself time.

And that’s another thing that I didn’t ever have when I was in this state during the beginning of my networking career – I never gave myself time, I was making myself ill, I was always anxious of not replying to people in enough time, I was scared if someone was to message me about the opportunity or a product and I didn’t reply within 5 -10 minutes maybe even less, then they would go somewhere else and it was almost like desperation and obsession of business building and making money.

And this goes back to when I mentioned scarcity – Majority of network marketers that we speak to and coach, have all had some level of scarcity within their mindset. We see it all the time and know exactly how it feels because we have experienced this also.

What we mean by scarcity is exactly what I mentioned a second ago in regards to being scared to take your foot off the gas, scared to take a bit of time off, scared it give yourself some time to recuperate or spend time with loved ones. We see it day in day out, where people just don’t allow themselves time. It’s really does become an obsession and it’s not healthy. YES if you work ALL the time consistently taking the action, you can have some serious results in a quick amount of time in your business and start really making good money, but is that real time freedom?

I came to a standstill in my business about 2 years ago. I got to the point where I was sick and tired of constantly hustling trying to keep my team motivated, training daily, calls, messages, trying to get new recruits. I knew that social media had put restrictions in place so posts were now limited, I knew that people could see straight through the network marketing jargon we were all posting about, I knew that these methods of building a business online were no longer working as they used to and it was THIS that was causing me to lose myself and take over me. I needed something that would allow me to actually have time. And what I came to find was there were so many different ways to building online nowadays. There are so many possibilities, it’s just whether you are open to it or not.

Alot of network marketers believe that paid ads don’t work, they believe email marketing is dead, and they believe that bot funnels in your facebook messenger aren’t credible or they don’t ‘build relationships’ well enough because after all, network marketing is a relationship building business right?

But the reason why people say these things is because they are either following what their leader has told them and don’t actually know for themselves OR they have no idea about online marketing tools or tried it once, got it wrong and never tried again.

If you open your mind to learning something new, like we did then you will find that you will start to have more success, and start attracting people to you ina  way like never before. When I implemented these ways into my business, I stopped prospecting. I didn’t need to.

Now I know network marketing is all about prospecting and like I said, building relationships – but times have changed. We have come so far now especially in technology and social media platforms. If youv’e moved over to building a business on social media and you’re happy to message thousands of people a day, why not put something in place on your platform that does it for you?

It just makes so much more sense and gives you so much more of your time back!

Imagine this – You have an entire social media system that’s working for you in the background. You can bring in say, 5 recruits a week from having everything in place correctly – you don’t have to sit and send 1000s of messages a day, you don’t hit that brick wall of running out of people to talk to or where to find people to prospect, everything is done for you and working in the background.

That will then release the scarcity mindset that you have, give you your time back, you can start actually living your life and not worrying whether so and so will join someone else if you don’t reply in time or customers going somewhere else if you don’t get back to them because you’ve taken a day off…

All of this can be avoided by learning something new and having an incredible automated system in place. Majority of businesses that are online all have these set up now. And that’s how a lot of huge leaders in this industry are having success now – because they have implemented a system into their work. We have worked with 100s of network marketers who we have helped to create this and they are having huge success but what they also have is TIME freedom.

They have TIME. Their mindsets have done a complete 180 and they have now reached a level in their business that they’re fully happy and proud of and that scarcity and stress and overwhelm has been completely eliminated! They also have a business that they are in full control of and they can scale on a daily basis – it’s the professional way to build a business online nowadays. They aren’t winging it anymore!!

So have a think today what you feel time freedom is.. What does it mean for you? Do you have it right now? If you do, amazing!!! However, if you don’t and you’re sick and tired of chasing, hustling and hamster wheeling your business, then think about what needs to change!

Think about what you’re doing on a daily basis – are you aware of how it’s making you feel? Do you strive for that time freedom and wanna learn something new? You can click to download our free social media success system guide HERE – in this guide we talk you through each step of our system and how it can bring you huge momentum and success into your network marketing business!

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