Shanta Hussain

Shanta Hussain has been in network marketing since last year and told us she had followed so many different trainings within the industry and got some results, which was great however – the results were slow and she told us how she felt she was spending too much time everyday building her business which was taking her away from her children.
Often she’d be put in Facebook jail or always getting blocked whilst messaging and was looking for another way which lead her to frustration so was ready to give up! She had been looking for another way for a while and then came across The Femalepreneurs Academy – She followed our free group for a while and found it so useful, she then decided to come over to the Femalepreneurs VIP paid membership.
Since then, everything started to change, her business had more structure and things have been falling into place!
THEN the mindset training really helped her and it all started taking off.. Shanta has recently implemented our success system and everything changed for her. Her business is now flying and she couldn’t be more excited!




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