Sabrina Gendron

Sabrina is a professional network marketer and a confidence coach. 
She comes from a background of hospitality and is on a mission to empower and inspire servers who are also in the hospitality industry to escape their current lives and jump into the world of online marketing – with full confidence! 
Sabrina has been working closely with The Femalepreneurs Academy as a 1to1 client AND as a VIP member for well over 12 months now and has learnt all the secrets to online marketing. From professional branding skills to social media platforms. From recruiting secrets to killer sales strategies. She has also had an absolute mindset shift and is excited for her future success!
Sabrina now feels fully confident and in control of her business and has worked extremely hard with us to get incredible results in her business!
Well done Sabrina, you’ve rocked the show as a fully empowered femalepreneur this month! 




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