Recruiting Bootcamp Week Four4

Welcome to week 4! In this week, we are covering Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are one of the fastest ways to grow your audience, and generate leads into your business. There is a new feature which is a send message ad and it’s a very clever way to get leads to connect with you straight away and you can add in some automation as well – automated responses and then get them on a call with you, or if you prefer to close through messenger, then do so OR whatever process works for you to close and recruit people, follow that! In the workbook it tells you the process to go through when setting up an ads manager account (if you haven’t done so already) and the structure of how an ad works, and what it should look like – then you’re going to want to follow all of the trainings within that workbook and follow the tutorial to create your ad. Make sure you watch the live replay for our training webinar too! That’s super important! Enjoy! 






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