Recruiting Bootcamp Week Eight

Huge well done on getting this far and getting to week 8! In this weeks training we cover below some top tips to help you increase your sales using some similar techniques from the previous weeks but for sales, and also a few different things you can try to grow your audience in your group. Click below to watch the live webinar and download your workbook here:




Huge congratulations, you have completed the recruitment bootcamp! Remember: things take time, things don’t happen over night. Just because you are working a different way does not mean you will necessarily bring in an influx of recruits in your first go – you can rinse and repeat this process as much as you like and the more you grow your audience (correct audience) the better result you will probably have! Keep testing, keep going and just enjoy the process. 
We have sooooooo much more to teach you so click below to start again, or head back to the members area and dive much deeper into our training! MWAH xoxox
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