My Journey And The Universe

I often think to myself most days about where I was and what kind of person I was like five years ago… I was in a really bad way health wise, I never had any money and I was so negative and really not what I like to call ‘awakened’. I’ve realised as I’ve grown as a person and as an online entrepreneur that the world is so much bigger than what we think it is. There is so much opportunity in this world and we really are the only people standing in our way!

Often I realise that majority of people I come across in this world always make excuses or they sit and tell themselves ‘Oh no, I couldn’t possibly travel there because I don’t have the money’ or ‘I definitely can’t do something like that – I’m not good enough or I’ve never done it before’. So many people live in fear of the unknown or because something hasn’t been done before it will immediately make them feel uncomfortable.

If you think about all the successful people in the world, how do you think they got there? Ask yourself and really think about it. Yes some people are born into fame, money, success, riches etc… but a lot of people aren’t. Those people had to go on their own journey and push through so many personal barriers within themselves and their minds to reach a level of success that the average human being can only dream of.

I have learnt a lot throughout the past few years and have developed a faith and taken on a completely new belief system that most people think is crazy and complete nonsense.. but to be honest, I don’t care anymore. I used to worry about what people thought of me, I used to sit in fear of even typing blogs and writing journals incase I was judged as being a weirdo or stupid. But as you grow as a person, you develop and you open your mind and release the BS that’s going on up there, you honestly begin to not give a damn!

My journey of opening my mind began 5-6 years ago when I said yes to an online opportunity.. I jumped in with both feet because I needed to get myself out of a tricky financial situation. I couldn’t see any other way out. I seeked advice from friends and family at first, because obviously back then I cared about what they thought… And they ALL told me don’t do it, it’s a scam. So I held off… But then I thought you know what? I’m keeping myself stuck here because of the opinions of others so I did it.

Time went on and I started realising I had a lot of negative self talk and self doubt. I realised that I had negative feelings about myself and I didn’t know why but I wanted to understand it more because it was causing me to not progress in my online business. I started listening to audios on YouTube of Tony Robbins and Les Brown and let me tell you… That was one of the best days of my life because I realised a lot that day and they became my saviours.

I learnt about limiting beliefs and the human mind and how we as humans hold ourselves back and I started to then realise WHY I was feeling the way I felt ALL the time! I started learning about the human mind and how powerful it really is and as time has gone on; I have developed a beautiful faith in a new belief system – being spirituality. Now this is where I was worried because most people think it’s witch craft or ‘woo woo’ or stupid and bat shit crazy, but do you know what?

I have lead a much happier life since then, since finding inner peace with myself, finding peace in my being and loving myself. I often get asked by people I know or that I’m close with ‘How did you do it?’ or ‘Have you ever had counselling or seen a specialist?’ They ask me this because I have such a strong mind, but the answer folks, is NO. No I haven’t. I developed a passion for the human mind along my journey and I have learnt about how powerful the subconscious mind is. We are programmed at a young age or even in the womb before life, to believe certain things. We are conditioned by our surroundings and the people in our lives to have the beliefs that we have. Some people are lucky to learn great things and take on beliefs about themselves that help them to excel in life. Some people however, are unlucky and majority of people who I call ‘asleep’ not to cause offence, but some of those people I feel, don’t even understand their own mind. They don’t understand the power of it and how living in a negative state playing ‘victim’ or ‘the blame game’ is actually keeping them stuck. It’s massively holding them back from what they aspire to be or have in their lives.

Now that’s not their fault, they just haven’t woken up yet. They haven’t learnt the ins and outs of the mind or maybe they don’t want to. Whatever it is, I find it so interesting and have such a burning desire within me to wake people up and help them on a journey to really find themselves to reconnect with their inner being.

People often say to me ‘how are you so wise at such a young age (of 27))?’ It’s just knowledge. It’s just taking the time to sit down with books, articles, audios and really learning.

I honestly think the most important thing we should be teaching our children is the power of the mind. Of course school is important, and learning skills etc is important but if you can teach your children from a very young age all about the mind, I believe they’ll have success (if they want to of course) or they’ll just simply live a happier life.

A happy life to me is being grateful, it’s looking for the positive in every situation, and not living in the problem – it’s seeing the beauty in everything in the world, it’s thinking bigger but what it truly boils down to, is full happiness and solace within ourselves. Once you can master that and release any BS within your mind, the world is truly your oyster.

I’m not saying it’s easy, it’s one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, AND I still do have a hell of a lot of work to do BUT I am where I am and it’s because I took action. I learnt a lot about the law of attraction and the universal law and the power of it too and throughout my journey of learning about the mind, I started having an interest in crystals and energy and healing.

I started seeing signs but didn’t quite understand them or maybe I just didn’t listen to them. I remember once at a very young age, I started seeing signs like: if I was writing a specific word, I would see it written down or I would hear it from someone or a song on the radio. Now I know this could just be coincidence right? BUT it kept happening… OR If I was to talk to someone and say something, that same sentence would appear on TV or I’d see it written in a newspaper or a magazine the second I’d said it.

I just think that’s weird if I’m honest. Surely that can’t be coincidence…  Anyway, this started happening more and more and the more I learnt about the power of the universe and manifesting and co creating and writing our future, it all began to make sense. This all began when I was in network marketing…

I went to a company conference and was listening to a world leader who was a million dollar circle earner at the time and she was talking about how she had put pictures of diamonds everywhere in her car, in her house, in her office – everywhere.

She told us a story of how she visualised hitting her promotion of diamond every single day and she imagined what it would feel like. She sat in the feeling and in that energy daily and it happened. I immediately thought ‘oh shut up’ you can’t just think of something and it happens, whatever. But I wasn’t listening…

More and more stories of this started cropping up throughout the company and I began thinking – well hang on a minute all of these people that are making big money and leading huge teams across the world, all practise this… so they must be onto something!

I did the same thing a few months later. I started visualising what it would like to pass my driving test. I was ALWAYS told as a young girl, we don’t have the money for your driving lessons, we can’t afford it, you’ll never get a car etc’ I had that belief from a very young age so I never even tried. But the more I grew, the more I was curious and wanted to do things for myself. So I did. I passed my driving test first time. And I truly believe it’s because I found a new inner belief in myself that actually – I can do this!

I started visualising my dream car which back then was an MX 5 mk 2 California… Which is a yellow convertible sports car. Now it’s not usual to have that as your first car right? But sod it, I wanted it. I visualised that car every single day. I put pictures of it everywhere and I imagined what it would be like to have it, drive it, and put the roof down in summer time, what I would feel like driving in it and even the feel of the leather. I didn’t have the money or the means really, to earn the money for the cost, but I didn’t seem to care back then. I just had this feeling of I know I’m going to get this car. I need £1000 to pay for it. Back then I thought wowza, that’s a lot of money but I WILL find it. I released the ‘how to’ and just kept telling myself it is coming. IT IS.

A few months later, I left my job which was bar manager at a music venue and my manager gave me a cheque for £1000 to say thanks for your hard work and here’s a bonus for you. I told no one about my car, my dreams – I kept it to myself.

Immediately I thought… What… the… f… Have I magically made this appear? Was someone secretly recording my life to know this is what I wanted? OR is it true what they all say about this universe stuff? From that day – I had full belief that the law of attraction is the real deal.

Since then, I have manifested money, my car that I drive now, holidays, even people into my life. You just have to be specific and believe it’s going to happen. Now, it’s not as easy as that of course. You don’t just wave a magic wand and it appears in the palm of your hand – it requires A LOT of inner work and taking action.

Do you think I am crazy yet? HAHA…

Well just think about this. On a daily basis, how do you speak to yourself? What are the types of things you say? Inner dialogue, the way you speak to people… Like for example, I know a woman who I’ve known for a few years now and she is a very negative individual. I try to help her on a daily basis to see the positive in situations, BUT she just does not listen – I guess some people can’t be helped right?

Anyway, she constantly talks about how she never has money. Her car is too expensive, she can’t afford to run it, she will never find love, she will never meet anyone who will love her and treat her like a princess, and she will never excel in life. GOSH – I feel her energy even writing that! Ha-ha!

SO! Something happened a few weeks back. She has now manifested every single thing she’s moaned about into her life. Her car broke and had to be scrapped, so now she has no car. She lost her job so now she isn’t earning ANY money what so ever, AND… the person she has really strong feelings for, but never took action has just found someone he really cares about.

So just think to yourself… Do you ever sit there and think ‘I can’t afford that’ or ‘I can’t do that’ well guys let me tell you… Whatever you are telling yourself is true. You won’t and you can’t.

Look around at the people who’s belief system is so strong. Look around you at the people who have things that you want or who are just really happy and secure in life?

Look at how they speak, how they act, things they do. Do you do that? Are you in your own way? Are you blocking yourself from success?

9/10 majority of people energetically block themselves from achieving or manifesting anything into their lives. They have far too much BS going on inside their heads, they aren’t awakened to the power or law of attraction, they don’t understand or maybe they aren’t even consciously aware of the negative and just think this is my way of thinking and that’s it.

What I’m trying to say is – the minute you change your thought process, become consciously aware of what you’re thinking and what’s holding you back, the minute you release that and have full faith and belief in the higher power – whatever that may be to you – you will lead a much happier life, better things will happen to you, you will be surrounded by more positive people and you will naturally attract into your life things that match that vibration.

The world is a crazy place, the universe is insane. I used to call it BS too but then – I woke up and realised you can’t say something doesn’t exist when you don’t know. We don’t know anything about our world – only what we are told. More people need to be awakened in the world and when they are, what an even more beautiful world it will be!

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