Messenger bot

This is our team messenger bot. You can install it into your many chat, make the necessary edits as outlined below and use it as your own if you’d like to.



Here is the link to install it;


You will need to open a manychat account;

You will need to open a zapier account;


You will need to open a mailchimp account & create a new audience;

Once you’ve opened your account, go to audience, create, add your own email address, call your audience a name and save it. You can then link this to manychat as shown in the tutorial.


You will need to open a calendly account;

Training on how to set it up here;


You will need to record your own short welcome video, my script is here;

Hey I’m natasha a life success influencer and successful online business owner…


I’m about to share with you how you can make money using a tool we all have available to us which is social media.


Many of us spend hours a day online so why not learn how you can make money in that time and start living your ideal life.


We live in a digital evolution, so there’s never been a better time to start an online business.


Not only will it give you more time and financial freedom but it will give you future security too, which means you can have peace of mind and live a stress free life!


I’ve been working online now for 5 years and in that time I’ve earned hundreds of thousands of pounds and been able to live a very comfortable life as a single mum.


I’ve also helped thousands of people to achieve their personal and financial goals so they can kickstart the path to living their ideal life.


Today I’m going to share exactly how we’ve been able to do it.


I’m going to explain our social media success system and our unique business vehicle that we have inside of the freedom movement.


Whatever you’re looking for we know we can help you


Since joining the freedom movement many have been able to, top up their income to live more comfortably, pay off debts, sack their boss, travel the world for less and for those who have really gone all out have completely transformed their lives and now earn a six figure monthly income!


Just imagine how that would change your life!


All of this is possible for you too when you say yes to this modern way of working


You’ve been led here for a reason all you need to do is take action…. Click the link below, confirm your email address and you’ll get access to my free web class that uncovers how you can make money using social media and travel the globe for less


It’s time to start living your ideal life…


See you inside.



Tweak it to your own, keep it short and sweet, record it using loom and use clip champ to compress it so it fits into the bot as a video.


Things to edit in the bot are;


Welcome video

Social media links {in main menu}

Calendly call scheduler

Your own zoom link

Set up zaps {Calendly & mailchimp}


The wording throughout can stay the same unless you want to tweak it.

Below you will find step by step video tutorials on how to install a chatbot template, how to edit and customize your bot plus all the automated integrations that come with it.


Here’s the link for your chatbot template:


  1. How to instal a chatbot template:


  2. Where to find your template in Manychat and how to edit your welcome flow.


  1. Edit 1 – the opt-in flow


  1. Edit 2 – Masterclass sequence


  1. Edit 3 – The follow up flow


  1. Edit the main menu with your own social media links.


Then head to the call booking flow called booking link and watch this video to show you how to integrate your own calendly account with your chatbot.




How to set up Calendly to intergrate with manychat


How to add your Calendly & zoom links to your chat bot


set up app reminder zaps


set up cancelation zap


Connect mailchimp & manychat


One of the videos the sound goes, here’s a video replacing that section;