Are you ready to tap into the online marketing secrets that 99% of Network Marketers don’t yet currently know and master attraction marketing – recruiting & selling online to speed up your success? If so then your in the right place, keep reading.

We designed our members club for the network marketer who is ready to up level her business online and learn our simple yet effective social media systems but don’t have a huge amount of money to invest into our high ticket programmes.

Within our members club we already have months of business & mindset bundles ready to access and kickstart your learning journey to becoming a wildly successful Femalepreneur.

The minute you join you get instant access to all of these as well as all past live trainings over in our exclusive members Facebook community where you can network with hundreds of fellow likeminded women all on the same journey as you are.

‘It’s time to work smarter NOT harder’ 

What you will get when you become a member


Monthly business bundle

Every month you will receive a new and exciting topic that will cover an important factor within your business. You will receive a mix of PDF’s, videos and live trainings containing our step by step process and easy to follow tutorials. We will teach you powerful online tools and systems to help you get a solid online presence and teach you how to attract endless of high quality leads and 10x your sales and recruits.



Monthly mindset and goal setting

Alongside business strategy it is vital to keep your mindset in check. We have you covered with our monthly live mindset and goal setting class where we make sure you keep a winners mindset and strong vision for unstoppable success. We also cover law of attraction and all things woo because we believe your vibe is what attracts your tribe.



Live Q&A

Alongside our monthly business bundle you will also receive a live monthly Q&A where you get to ask us your questions direct so we can fully support you on your journey. We care about your success. Both coaches are here for you every step of your journey.



Guest speaker masterclass

Once every quarter we will invite a guest speaker to join us, these will be top experts within their field ALL of which we know you will greatly benefit from.




Discounts on our programmes and workshop’s

As a member you will receive 20% discount off ALL of our courses and programmes as well as our meet up’s and workshops.


Times are changing for Network Marketers online…

REWIND to 20 yrs ago – home parties, face to face and events made people big ££££££

Fast forward 5-6 yrs ago social media was HUGE and it was easy to build a profitable business.

FAST FORWARD to NOW – everyone is on social media but doing the same thing – NOT getting seen, being too spammy and drowning in the noise online which leaves them struggling to get recruits & sales and questioning if they should give up altogether.

‘Don’t give up just open your mind to another way!’

Social media is changing and what once worked doesn’t anymore, there are now simple modern online systems that will speed up your success and the Femalepreneurs academy are passionate about teaching you these. If you are serious about hitting your financial goals and hitting top of your company then it’s time to learn these modern day tools and speed up your success.

Everything these days is on social media and the modern way to grow your MLM is online BUT social media has changed a lot and the system your using of reaching out to strangers, sending generic spam messages and spending all day following up with your lists is coming to an end, not only are people familiar with these tactics now and choosing to ignore them BUT social media platforms are putting a stop to it so it’s hard work to grow your business using this strategy alone!

That’s why there’s never been a more important time to open your mind to the modern social media marketing systems that are available today and start using these to compliment your current business strategy, which will relieve your hustle & overwhelm and massively speed up your success.

Within our members club we teach a simple social media system that will help you attract quality leads and convert them to sales & recruits whilst your off enjoying life!

That time & financial freedom you dreamed of when you first started within the network marketing industry will soon be yours once you have these systems in place.

You can access our trainings for only £1 when you sign up today {7 day trial for only £1 then £33 per month there after [right]

Check out all our available bundles already inside of our members club, that you can instantly access when you sign up today.

We’ve made the training inside easy & simple for you to follow – It’s all laid out in step by step order on where to start and what to follow so you make progress & see results.


 Watch the short video below to see a sneak peak inside our members area

& discover everything you will get for only £33 per month



The above bundles are what’s already available for you to instantly download the minute you become a member so you can get stuck into the training straight away and start to accelerate your wealth and business.

We add to the bundles every month so there will be lots more bundles available soon too.

This members club is for the network marketer who wants to learn the modern day social media systems in her own time and at her own pace BUT with full support of both Femalepreneur coaches and a network full of women all on the same journey.

What we teach will work for any network marketer in any company, we teach a unique way of branding yourself and leading with your own personal brand to attract quality leads and lots of them – so your business can gain huge momentum and you are able to convert 90% of those leads into sales & recruits by using the communication techniques inside of our academy.

There are NO tie ins you can cancel at anytime. There really is nothing to loose but everything to gain!

Just imagine having a social media system in place that works, that will attract leads to you and convert them to paying customers and recruits whilst your off enjoying life or even whilst you are sleeping! That’s the power of these modern marketing tools and we know how they will revolutionise your business if you use them. We promise you there much simpler than you think!


Pay annually and receive a 20% discount OR select to pay each month for only £33

What some of our members say

‘It’s time to STOP trading your time for money!” Nothing will change until you change your business strategy, times are changing on social media, it’s time to learn the modern way to grow your business online and speed up your success – See you over there”