This clever marketing tool has one of the highest open rates out of all of the social media tools online. It allows you to message people direct into their messenger inbox and have a conversation on automation which completely cuts the hustle and 10x’s your business and finances.

Please follow the manychat tutorials first of all to learn how each section inside of your bot works. Then move onto the workbook and BOT your MLM flow which is an example flow to give you an idea of how you could engage within your bot and how to build it.

Once you have completed your bot flow be sure to share it on your social media in future posts and send it to potential prospects to let this clever tool do the work for you. You will also want to include it inside of your first automated email & on your thank you page so you drive new leads inside it straight away.















This can be installed directly to your bot at the click of a button and there is no need to build your own all you need to do is edit it to your own wording etc.

Please follow the video tutorial within this module that shows you how to do that.






Now you have your bot flow created it’s time to put it out there to the big wide world and bring leads into your flow so they can see what you have to offer.

Make sure you add the link into the relevant places inside of your funnel {on your thank you page and first email etc.

We recommend when you go live sharing the link for your bot flow each time and encourage people to take a look at what you offer.

Use it when you post on social media to continuously drive traffic into it.

Post it on your personal Facebook profile within the websites section. {convert it to a bitly link first}

Post it on any other relevant social media account profiles.

Use it when people reach out to you and ask what you do.

When you network in groups send those interested leads the link for your bot flow so they can check it out.

If you run FB ads then use the link to your flow as your call to action.

Basically use it anywhere and everywhere you can and drive leads into it consistently, the more leads you get inside of your bot the more sales and recruits you will get.

This bot flow should now replace you having to have a zillion conversations each day and hanging out more with strangers on FB than you do your own family, but it’s down to you to get it out there and bring leads inside of it.

We wish you every success!


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