Lead Pages


Your lead page is what collects your leads inside of mail chimp and the rest of your funnel. This is why we create a freebie so it encourages your leads to give you their email address in exchange for your freebie so you can collect them on your email list and nurture them so they become sales or recruits. You need a lead page to collect email addresses in mail chimp & to access your freebie. It’s this lead page that will be the link you put in your ad/ social media post to encourage leads to download your freebie. Work your way through the tutorials below & create your lead page. Make sure it’s connected to mailchimp once completed. 





Lead Pages – Back Office –




Lead Pages – Connect API KEYS –



Creating Your Lead Page –



Lead Pages – POP UP BOX –



Lead Pages – Thankyou Page –



Connecting Your Thankyou Page –



Lead Pages – Mailchimp With Your Lead Page –



How To Instal Your Pixel on Lead Pages –



Lead Pages – Where To Find Your Link –



Lead Pages – Duplicate A Lead Page –



Lead Pages Conversions –








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