Jayne Williams

Jayne Williams is a travel business coach and a network marketer!
Jayne comes from a background of call centre work and very soon realised how much she wanted to build an additional income when she realised how much her family at home needed her. 
So she found network marketing and worked really hard, but yet she couldn’t move past the brick wall she was stuck at. So she researched and found The Femalepreneurs Academy and since working alongside us, she has learned how to really leverage social media and work her business in a way that feels good to her and brings her results. She’s hit a milestone in her business and is able to earn a fulltime income from home! 


Jayne feels confident now knowing she has an incredible strategy to follow from our trainings, but also her mindset has done a 180 switch due to our mindset modules and constant support in the academy. 
Well done Jayne, we are so proud of you for achieving our award of femalepreneur of the month for December!





You can check out everything Jayne has been working on from following her social media platforms 
Her instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/maturepreneur/
Her Facebook Page is:https://www.facebook.com/maturepreneurlifestyleaccademy
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