Femalepreneurs Academy – Accountability Check Sheet

Every single sunday over in our Facebook members group we host accountability sundays. Its so important to be accountable to yourself but also to us as your coaches so we can see how well you are doing and how much progress you are making in our academy.

Below you can download our accountability check sheets so you can track your progress and then every sunday once we post ‘ACCOUNTABILITY SUNDAY’ we need your accountability check sheets posted so we can track and score you guys.
 Click to download Download – Femalepreneurs Accountability Sheet PDF (Ready for every sunday) and we will see you every sunday! 
The members with the best progress and results for the month overall, will get entered into our draw to win The Femalepreneur of the Month Award which includes a certificate which you can put on your wall to remind yourself of all your hard work, but also you get given free prizes from us 🙂 
Please see below our Femalepreneur of the Month for November – Sabrina Gendron. 
Sabrina has been working closely with The Femalepreneurs Academy as a 1to1 client AND as a VIP member for well over 12 months now and has learnt all the secrets to online marketing. She’s worked so hard and we are so proud to award her this month with the award!
Keep rocking the show girl!
You can check her out over on her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/serverpreneurs_society
Her FB Group – http://bit.ly/JointheServerpreneursSociety 
Well done Femalepreneur! 
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