day 1

Welcome to day 1! Today we are focusing on outlining your competition and then opening a facebook group, which is where you are going to drive traffic to this week to create the hype and get your new group off the ground and this is where you are going to announce the winner at the end of the week!

We’ve taught you an algorithm hack for your group so be sure to watch the video carefully and take notes on what to do to make sure your group algorithm gets off to a flying start!

If you already have a group but there’s not much engagement I’d recommend opening a new one and following this process but the choice is yours, you can just update your current group following the steps in the video and follow the process I teach in the video too, but it won’t be as much of a kick to your algorithm as if you was to do it from new, but it’s your call!

First of all download your competition workbook which is below this video and then watch the video on how to set up your group and then open yours following those exact steps – then make sure you have all of your resources printed off the resource page and join us live tonight @ 7pm in the members group to go over everything!

See you tonight XoXo




Catch the live replay below from the training in the group! We also explain how to use the DMO sheets!


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