Core Business Foundations


Within this section we are teaching you the core business foundations that you need in place to thrive & survive online. To run a successful business online you need these foundations in place first otherwise you will continue to drown in the noise and your message will never stand out and be heard! Just like a house needs foundations to stay up your business does too! You will need to complete these first before you do anything else because you will build your social media around these core foundations.


 It’s important to work through them in order step 1-6 as they flow into one another, don’t skip ahead! If you need further help and guidance from us please be sure to use our members Facebook group.

This is your chance to sprinkle your magic into the world by being authentically you – own it girl











YAY! How exciting, you have now worked through this bundle and got your core foundations in place. There is a process to our trainings so it needs to be followed correctly to ensure everything is in place! Now that you have your core foundations completed, your social media set up is complete – To go to the next step if you want to create your funnel and automation  click here .
If you do not wish to create a funnel yet, you can complete the organic growth section.
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