Claire Harlow

Claire Harlow was our Femalepreneur of the month in August.
Claire has been in network marketing for 4 years and told us she has always stayed at the same level. We have worked with claire both personally as coaches and together as the femalepreneurs academy and have helped her to achieve some serious mindset breakthroughs throughout that time!
She has been an academy member now for around 4-5 months and within her time of implementing our training and becoming an empowered femalepreneur, she has ranked up 6x in 6 weeks, she has sold more product than she ever has and people want to join her team – she is always getting messages and enquiries – not only that, her facebook and instagram following has doubled, she has taken her facebook group from zero to hero by using our communication techniques, by creating waves online with her incredible branding and story and most importantly, her passion is back in her business now and she is ready more than ever to take the action to create that dream life for her and her family.
We are so proud of claire and how far she has come in her journey and we just know that this is only the beginning for her!









You can follow Claire on her social media platforms and see what she’s up to!



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