How you start your day is how you live your day, to start your day off in the right way plays a huge part in your success within life and business.

You would of learnt from my previous materials that everything including us is an energy and vibration and that we attract back to us vibrations of similar frequencies. Therefore it is vital we get ourselves in the right vibration each morning so as we are operating from the right frequency and we are fully aligned with our vision.

Let me give you two scenarios here…

You have a 9 am deadline to drop the kids off, your alarm is set for 7 am as you know that will give you plenty of time to be on time.

It is now 7 am your alarm is beeping, your eyes are heavy, you tell yourself just 5 more minutes, before you know it you have hit your snooze 5 times, it is now 7.40 am, you suddenly jump up out of bed and its major panic and stress, you are shouting at the kids to hurry, your morning becomes a blur of absolute chaos, kids uniforms, breakfasts, packed lunch, make up on, hair straightened, shirts ironed, kids hair gelled, kiss the husband goodbye, hurl the kids in the car at exactly two minutes to 9 and your in a stress to get to the school, you then get stuck in traffic and end up being 10 minutes late!

By the time you get home to start your day you realise you are late for your first call, which means you are now behind schedule all day and likely to be late picking the kids up! You look around at breakfast plates everywhere and the mess of the house from the whirlwind but you have to get straight into your work!

What I have just explained to you is I what I would say 90% of the population are like in the morning and have no idea how to break that cycle and tell themselves that it is just the norm, And all because they decided to hit the snooze button… If you snooze you loose… When you snooze you loose total control of your day as it impacts your whole day, your vibration is then completely out of alignment from what you wat and instead of feeling the empowered entrepreneur you should be feeling and vibrating from the right frequency, you feel stressed, behind, overwhelmed and not in the right mindset at all to deal with your clients never mind aligning your vibratin to match and attract what you want!

Like we said before if you snooze you loose. You have a few seconds to spring out of bed once your alarm wakes you before your brain kicks in and starts talking you out of getting out of your nice warm bed and all the negative thoughts start taking over your head and your focus is completely wrong for the whole day which means your vibration is wrong and out of alignment.

This is why I do the 5-4-3-2-1 rule every morning… As soon as my alarm goes off I count 5-4-3-2-1 and I spring out of bed… In those 5 seconds my brain has not had time to focus on the negative self talk, I have broken the subconscious mind before it kicks in which means I am in total control of my conscious mind and how I communicate with myself! This is how you start to take control and turn those negatives into a positive…  You see your subconscious mind has been trained to communicate and think in a certain way most of the time negative! If we can break our programmed negative self talk kicking in from springing out of bed in that 5 second window then we become consciously aware of our language and the way we are communicating with ourselves and it is when we are consciously aware we can take the action to re-programme it. Hence why it is so powerful to then work on yourself as soon as you have gotten up because this is when the re-programming takes place! Do it consistently every day and 6 months from now you will not recognise the person you have become.

Scenario two…

Your alarm goes off… You count down… 5-4-3, 2, 1… And jump out of bed… ( no snooze ) you splash water on your face and down a pint of fresh water… Water is important because you will be de-hydrated first thing and it wakes you up! You then sit and meditate, really become present in the moment and listen to your body and what it is telling you ( to many of us are out of sync with ourselves… After all we are a spirit in a body, we must learn to connect to our spirit and be present in the here and now, instead of just existing in a body, this is when you will awaken and start to feel fulfilled) Meditation calms us down it releases fear and anxiety and allows us to be still so as we can connect to our higher self and take intuitive action to get the results we desire. You then take your gratitude diary and start writing all you are grateful for right now in your life and really feel that attitude with gratitude ( after all it is impossible to be depressed when you are grateful ) this also helps to change your focus onto everything good you have in your life, so you aren’t focusing on the things you don’t want, which completely changes your vibration in turn raising your vibe. You then do your power affirmations whilst moving your body, why? Because changing your physiology immediately changes your state of mind and your affirmations re- programme your subconscious mind, because remember your subconscious mind does not know what is real and what is not so if you tell it something enough times it will believe it so imagine how powerful it will be when you do them both together… The key to affirmations is to really feel the affirmation so as you can raise your vibe from it. That is why we say it is important to find the right affirmations for you by figuring out your negative limiting beliefs then turning them into a positive and consistently repeating these to yourself every morning. Remember raising your vibe starts with what you are focusing on in your mind. The more positive we can make our thoughts the more we can raise our vibe! You then spend a minute or two visualising your dream life, exactly what you want it to look like, who will be in it, what you will be doing etc and really put yourself in the picture. Feel the feelings associated with your vision in order to raise your vibe, feel the vibration you know you need to align yourself with in order to attract that desired result to you. When you visualise your future every day it helps you focus on where you want to go rather than where you are now, you can then start to believe it, vibrate from the correct frequency  and then manifest your dream life to you. This ia why your vision board and perfect day story are so important because it gives you that focus each morning and you know exactly where you are heading.

When you start your day off in this way, not only are you in total control and more productive but after consistently doing it you start to re-programme your mind, raise your vibe and you will create the unstoppable success you desire.

You will own your day instead of the day owning you.

You will find it hard to do at first because you are not used to it and may even feel silly doing some parts of it but consistency is key here and stay focused and committed to raising your vibe and becoming the best version of you possible.

It is not going to be easy to re-programme your subconscious mind but it is possible, remember you are wanting to form a habit here and it takes us 21 days to do so, so please stay consistent for 21 days non stop, no breaking it and you will then naturally find yourself craving it every morning, you will even find your body just naturally wakes you up and does not want to snooze!

I want to add here that being really chirpy and happy all day long is not what is expected, we are human and life gets in the way, but the more inner work we do on our mind and the more we change our belief systems the more positive we will become and the more naturally our vibration will just rise. Get yourself into a habit of this morning routine but more importantly focus on what it feels like to soulfully raise your vibe and also take note on what raises your vibe the most and do more of that each day. E.G – If you feel affirmations raise your vibe then repeat them as much as you can throughout the day. Do not just do them once in your morning routine, shout them out all day long and keep your vibe high.

I add a spiritual mix to my morning routine because of how everything is an energy and vibration, whilst it is important to focus on raising our vibe from the inside out, it is equally important to protect your energy and vibe from others around you so as there negative energy does not effect your energy. When you read through my morning routine PDF you will learn how to do this.

When I started implementing this into my life that is when the consistent 10k plus months started rolling in and things really started to take off. I also recognised my vibe maintaining at a steady flow all day long and just feeling so much calmer and in control, releasing all fear of the unknown ( which all entrepreneurs face ) and completely able to trust and surrender fully, knowing that the universe has got our back.

My aim now is to teach this morning routine to fellow entrepreneurs aswell as how to live a conscious life in order to grow a wildly successful business.

Say yes to your life and awaken your genius TODAY!


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