The Femalepreneurs Academy are passionate about helping female network marketers to accelerate their wealth and business.

Both founders Natasha & Jo have successful backgrounds within the network marketing industry and have since gone on to create their own six figure online coaching empires.

They know the struggles network marketers face when it comes to expanding their business online as they faced these for many years themselves.

The inconsistent business results and emotional rollercoaster they were stuck on came down to the business strategy they were using. They were fed up of hustling hard every day and having no time to enjoy life. They were living in constant scarcity due to the inconsistency within their finances and lack of control over their business. They were fed up of winging it every day and not knowing were they would be at month end because their business strategy meant they had to mostly rely on others. But most of all they were fed up of loosing themselves in the process of trying to create their dream life and business. They knew they couldn’t continue much longer using the hustle strategies they had been taught and they longed to find an empowered way to grow their business online.

This took them on their journey to learning new social media marketing skills that taught them how to work SMARTER not HARDER online!

They have had the privilege to work with some top online marketing coaches over the last couple of years and have learned the modern day systems that they believe every network marketer needs to learn and implement into their business strategy.

They have since gone on to work with hundreds of female network marketers from all around the world to teach them these systems and help them to hit their time & financial goals.

Their mission now is to stop women from giving up on their dreams by teaching them these modern day success systems to help them leverage their business online and create true time & financial freedom.

Ladies it’s time to move with the times and learn the modern empowered way to expand your business online.

Prepare for more PROFITS, FREEDOM & IMPACT coming your way girl when you learn our new empowered Femalepreneurs way!

















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