About Us

Our Story

Natasha & JoJo have successful backgrounds in both the network marketing and coaching industry.

Their entrepreneurial journey’s started out in the network marketing industry, where they quickly climbed to top positions, built a team of thousands, quit their jobs and went full time in their businesses.

Although they had seen huge success in the industry they were both tired of the social media strategies they were being taught and so went on the hunt to learn new ones.

During this time they worked with top marketing coaches where they learned the latest innovative marketing strategies and social media systems to scale their income quickly and without the hustle!

They fell in love with these strategies and knew it was the missing puzzle piece for network marketers to scale to their desired income and make the impact they wanted to online!

Our Success

So they started their femalepreneurs academy, they wanted to teach network marketers how to scale their business and create multiple income streams alongside their MLM.

Within 6 weeks they had gone from 0-2000 followers and earned over 70k in revenue from their first course launch.

They’ve since scaled their academy to over 6 figures, earning over 200k in their first 2 years of trading and helped thousands of women to build influence online, make the impact they dream of and scale to the income they desire, quickly minus the overwhelm and hustle.

They know the real secret to success is finding the right balance between strategy and soul and as fully certified NLP practitioners they are qualified to help you re-wire your mind for unstoppable success as well as give you the online business tools to succeed.

They now help female entrepreneurs, coaches and network marketers build influence online, make the impact they dream of and scale quickly to their desired income without the overwhelm and hustle.

JoJo Ellen

Self Belief and Social Media Marketing Strategist Owner & Co Founder

Natasha Edwards

Life & Business Success Influencer Owner & Co Founder

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