The mind is a powerful thing

The mind is powerful thing. I think we all under estimate how powerful it really is. I never really understood what mindset was all about and didn’t know mindfulness was even a thing – I had no idea any of this stuff existed. When we grow up, we are surrounded by things that are normal for us. Things that we get told – we are told is correct and the only way, and told certain ways to act or believe which shapes us as human beings. Once we are programmed, and our subconscious has learnt and absorbed, we think that’s the only way and that’s all there is!

I remember the first time I got told about mindfulness and personal development and I didn’t understand and wasn’t interested. I kept on trying to wing my network marketing business on my own with all my limiting beliefs and blocks and being in my own way. I just didn’t understand why all these top leaders kept saying to me to go away and grow, develop and change. I was almost offended because I thought ‘Well what’s wrong with me?!’ haha!!

I started listening to motivational audios by Les Brown and Tony Robbins and that was the turning point for me. I woke up one day and just started having better days. I started learning and realising that I HAD A CHOICE! Like we all do. We all have a choice to communicate things differently and not let things affect us. That is powerful! The minute you can learn to do that, you’ll become unstoppable. Nothing will get in your way.

You firstly just need to identify what it is that’s in your way. Most of the time it will be things we are told as children by our parents, our peers, our siblings etc – these being limiting beliefs and blocks – and we will take these everywhere with us. It’s what shapes us as human beings – but did you know you have the power to change that? Everything you’ve got going on in your mind and your subconscious is learnt. It was learnt once so why can’t it be learnt again?

You see, beliefs are things that we are told, things we learn. It’s a choice. A belief is not fact and it certainly doesn’t make it true. If you tell yourself you are not confident, you are not strong enough, you can’t do this, you aren’t good enough to do that – that more than likely comes from a belief within your subconscious mind. It got there somehow and has been learnt from somewhere. Maybe you failed at something in the past or you were told by someone and it made you doubt yourself? Everything also has an emotional connection. If you fail, how does it make you feel? Rubbish right? So why put yourself through it again? I get it… but we must grow, not hold ourselves back because one experience and feeling. Otherwise you will NEVER move forward. And I mean it. Never.

In order to grow, we must reprogram, we must re learn and re affirm to ourselves new beliefs. I started listening to affirmations a long time ago. At first, I felt really silly doing affirmations and didn’t feel connected to it AT ALL. If you are reading this and you don’t know what an affirmation is – an affirmation is a statement you say to yourself and it’s repeated over and over. The same way when you tell yourself ‘I can’t do this’ – You are affirming to yourself and your brain believes it. Affirmations are amazing and one of the main things that helped me to change my mindset. These are what will help to reprogram your subconscious. If you tell yourself ‘I can’t recruit’ or ‘No one will join my team’ then your brain will believe it because it’s a belief that’s instilled into your subconscious – so what if you reaffirmed everyday and told yourself you are a recruiting machine? The subconscious mind doesn’t know what’s real or not real so we need to start telling it things we want to create and become… REAL! So it starts to believe it.

You may not feel connected at first because you won’t believe what you’re telling yourself, but you have to start somewhere. There will come a day where you will start to ease into it, and you’ll start believing it and then one day BAM – New belief! BUT.. You have to stay consistent. I changed my entire money mindset by listening to bedtime affirmations while I was sleeping for 3-4 years. It took me a long, long time BUT it worked a treat and now that’s a daily habit that I won’t be getting rid of any time soon.

The only reason people say they can’t do something or they wouldn’t be good at that is because they either have never done it before, they don’t have the confidence to do it because they have the fear of not being very good or failing or people judging them, OR it could simply just be they are afraid of the unknown and don’t want to grow.

When I changed my mindset, my days started becoming a lot more productive and I was getting a lot more stuff done. I felt good, I was more clear on what needed doing for my business and business actually improved too because I become more connected to my vision.

I have changed this. The first step was realisation and always knowing within my soul I was meant for more. I wasn’t ever supposed to be the way I was back then. I truly believe I was meant to live on and prosper and make an impact in the world – I just had no clue how. So when I found mindfulness and meditation and learnt all about the power of the subconscious mind and changing belief patterns, I knew this was it. I have completely transformed over the past 4-5 years and I feel so empowered and strong and like I really can make a difference and help so many people change their lives through the power of positive thoughts.

YOU CAN CHANGE. Think about how you were treated as a child, phrases used by your parents and peers, what have you carried with you all your life? I bet you any money you still to this day have beliefs etched into your subconscious mind from childhood. You just probably don’t realise it. When you do realise it, that’s when you can start to change it!

I have practised mindfulness for years now. I meditate every single evening and every single morning. I get my mind into the right state. I look after my body, I exercise and I talk to myself with respect every single day. Any challenge that is thrown my way I deal with it head on. I don’t carry the doubt with me of ‘I might not be able to’ because how do you know? Go in with an open mind and tell yourself ‘I’m going to attempt this with everything in me.’ If you fail, at least you can grow from it. If you set the bar low and say’ I probably won’t so I won’t expect and get my hopes up’ then how on earth are you going to grow?

There’s two types of people in this world. People that have a fixed mindset and people that have a growth mindset. A person with a fixed mindset is someone who is so set in their ways and is not willing to change, is not willing to look into any other way and not willing to push themselves and self develop. These people will always be in the same place in life.

Then you have the growth mindset. Someone with this amazing mindset will go on to do amazing things. The people with these mindsets are people who want to progress in life, they don’t hold themselves back and they get out of their own way. They are open minded and willing to learn and grow as much as they can! Which one are you?

I have been able to transform my ways of thinking and tuning into my own inner self and ridding myself of all negativity and hate and becoming a new person – someone who is awakened, enlightened and so open minded!

Here at the Femalepreneurs, we are taking our wonderful clients and members on a journey of self- discovery. We are helping them to realise their fullest potential, push away all the negativity and help them to identify their limiting beliefs and blocks and working through them to then create new beliefs, really stepping into their power and bossing their businesses!

You see, you don’t have to be on your own, we hold your hand, we are your guides and we know exactly how you feel and how to get you out of that rut that you’ve been stuck in for however long. So come and take the journey with us. Show the universe that you mean business! If you’d like to become one of our members you can unlock months and months of bundles of our work which will help you to create an unstoppable mindset and an absolutely unstoppable business! If that’s not for you and you’d like to come and work with us, feel free to book yourself onto one of our strategy calls and let’s get up levelling your mind and accelerating your wealth and business today!

  • Written By Jo Kemp