Mindset VS Business Strategy

A lot of network marketers we come across in our academy always tell us that they are so close to giving up. And it’s always for the same reason – now that reason is because the way they are working online just isn’t working like it used to. Do you remember when people first got on social media and started business building, recruiting using messenger scripts and prospecting sending cold messages etc? Posting on your timelines about products and your opportunity? That worked so well back then and I remember about 6 yrs ago when I first started out, it worked so well for me too and I built a huge organisation really quickly.

Obviously, that still can work today and people are still having results from working that way, but what we have found from speaking to so many network marketers, is that they completely lose themselves in the process of working this way and their mindsets take a complete turn for the worse which results in them not taking action, feeling rubbish, not showing up as their best selves, not duplicating to their team or training their team – because HEY.. you can’t train your team on something if you’re not doing it yourself, right? You just can’t!

I remember when I did really well and got to a six figure income within the industry, hosting events, qualifying for trips, I was recruiting left right centre but then a new opportunity came out of the wood work and loads of people began to leave… now I know that’s normal, u get that in every company – and a lot of people get what we call new shiny object syndrome and jump at the first hurdle or jump at the first sign of something new – so as you can imagine, my team halved over night resulting in losing half my income, if not more and my team being pretty nonexistent..

This as u can imagine, totally knocked my confidence as a leader, I thought wow they must have left ‘cos maybe I’m not that greater leader as I thought I was… Or this opportunity I’m partnered with really can’t be that great – and I couldn’t bring myself to work as hard as I had worked all those years ago to build back my network. I found it really difficult but then what I also found was Facebook and other social media platforms had introduced new policies and made a heck of a lot of changes to their rules which meant people’s posts and engagement were getting less reach and not everybody was seeing posts like they used to.

You have to remember as well – more and more people are joining work from home opportunities daily. More and more people are cottoning on to what it can do for your life and the way we have all worked has duplicated across the board because it once worked like wild fire so more and more people are working this way on their social media platforms. These social media platforms being Facebook, Instagram, linked in (etc) all see it a mile off and have put so many restrictions in for people building their business on their platforms for free. For example your personal timelines… So now, they want you to pay to play! They are limiting a lot of people who are running their business this way… Which makes it 100 times harder to actually build a business now AND everyone who isn’t in network marketing also sees it a mile off and it is repelling people like crazy! Because there are those network marketing out there who are spamming, they are cold messaging, they are all over their newsfeeds and people see straight thru it which is actually resulting in people not getting any recruits/sales/results full stop – because people don’t want to buy, they don’t want to join – there’s no authenticity in it anymore!

So going back to peoples mindsets- when u first join network marketing, its exciting , your vibration is high, you’re rearing to go and u feel as if nothing can stop u or get in your way right? That’s exactly how I felt – I also felt as time went on all my limiting beliefs cropped up of I can’t recruit, no1 will join me no1 will buy my products, people will judge me and all the rest of it right. Obviously as time goes on, and the more results u get, that tends to die down and your self confidence sky rockets, but because of the inconsistent results, the inconsistent finances that comes from inconsistent results, and the strategy u use online being so tedious and monotonous sometimes, this is where burn out begins and you start to doubt, and lose yourself. It’s almost like it’s an uphill battle.

You work so hard online with what majority of people teach, you get so little result after putting in so much time – and hey no1 is saying its easy here, it isn’t, however it does kill you in the process..So u recruit a few people they recruit a few people, then those people give up, or they leave and u have to do it all over again.

OR you’re ignored by 20-30 people a day, your customers don’t want to re-buy cos of expense or they’ve found a product cheaper… Where does this battle end?! You’re constantly chasing your tail and on that hamster wheel to replace people customers and chasing prospects…

Did you know that all of this could be completely avoided by knowing your target audience, and attracting the right people who will pay for your products month after month but also knowing the exact strategic way to be communicating on your social media to work around these social media changes and restrictions – and have people actually seeing your posts and joining you and buying your products?

We work this way with our members and they are seeing incredible results. We have 100s of network marketers over in our academy who have been working with the old school way of building on social media and have had such little results after so long doing it, OR people like me who have had incredible results from working this way and then NOT at all and losing themselves – they have implemented what we teach and are ALL seeing such incredible results on a  daily basis and are so grateful for our strategies and mindset coaching that they refer people to us on a daily basis who also are getting such incredible results that their teams are expanding like wild fire and customer bases are growing like crazy! They are now working in a professional way online and marketing themselves correctly in a way that is going to give you real time freedom and leverage in your business. You don’t always have to be inside of your business you know, there is w ay to have your business working FOR you which to be honest is what you want, do you really want to be glued to a computer or phone for the rest of your life? Erm… No probably not right? We teach this over in our academy and are so passionate about it because we know it works and we know it brings results.






But what we have noticed the most within in our academy is the amount of mindset shifts people are having… They are showing up as their best selves, they are taking action, they have eliminated all self doubt, their confidence is completely through the roof and they’re are excited – DAILY! They have fallen back in love with their business again, and re ignited that passion that they had when they first began.

Now this is what it should be all about – and we believe with the right mindset and the right business strategy, the possibilities are truly endless… but you can’t have a solid mindset without a solid game plan and strategy that works and brings consistent results – BUT you can also have the strongest mindset in the world and still not bring in results and that’s because of your strategy –  and if your business strategy doesn’t bring u consistent results, you begin to lose that mindset anyway and get completely fed up and will always question whether this industry is for you. We’ve been there, our academy members and clients have been there and so have probably 99% of network marketers that we speak to on a daily basis!

So you have to ask yourself these questions, seriously? What results have you had in the past year? How have you felt? And what ahs your strategy been? Has it worked? Have you hit your income goals? If the answer is no, then maybe you need to give your strategy a rethink – cos girl, nothing will ever change if you don’t change what you’re doing!