If I had to start Network marketing again here’s what I’d do different

Hey lovely,

It’s Natasha here – one half of the Femalepreneurs Academy.

Something I’ve been getting asked a lot about recently is what would I do if I had to start a Network Marketing company again given everything I know now about social media marketing!

So I wanted to write down my exact action steps that I would personally take inside of this email to give you guidance on some possible things you could start doing to increase revenue within your business.

Yes it’s a pretty long email – however if you read it carefully and take it all in then I’m pretty sure you’ll have an ‘AHA’ moment of some of the mistakes you’re currently making that’s halting your success!

But first I wanted to share a snippet of my story so you can get an idea of why I would use the things I speak about within this email…

I have a successful background within the NWM industry – where I achieved a high position & fast on my compensation plan, I left my job as a stylist in a busy salon to work my NWM biz full time, went on some luxury holiday’s, drove fancy cars all the usual stuff you hear from successful Network Marketers.

Things were great for a while and I was loving life – The Network Marketing industry sure did change mine and that’s why I’m so passionate about it because I know what a game changer it can be!
However a couple of things happened that made things take a turn for the worse…

1. Times changed on social media and I soon came to realise that the tactics my company were teaching me just weren’t working so well anymore – which led me to working a lot harder – having little time for myself or my family – chasing my tail and completely burning myself into the ground – far from the dream of time and financial freedom I was sold when I first joined the industry!

I’m one to always look for an alternative or to change something if it’s not working – so I knew I had to be the black sheep here and start to look for something current and that was going to work for me and fit with how social media was evolving!

This is what led me to where I am now and gave me the passion for what we teach within the academy and why I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the missing piece for all Network Marketers – HOW – Because I’ve walked the walk myself and seen what works and what doesn’t over my years of experience!

2. My company changed their compensation plan!
Overnight they reduced our pay, made it harder to achieve the incentives and broke their promise of doing something they promised they would never do!

This marked the end of my Network Marketing career – WHY – because it caused most of my team to drop out {well I think half of the company did tbh!}
I lost my trust within the company and my mind had been opened to my next venture which was teaching Network Marketers the social media systems that we teach within the academy – WHY – because I knew the tactics the company’s we’re teaching needed updating – and I had this almighty desire to stop as many Network Marketers as I possibly could from giving up on their dreams by showing them a much more effective & modern pathway to success!

I spent almost 18 months studying social media marketing – working with some top online marketing coaches – what I learned was incredible and made me realise all of the mistakes I had made currently – ones that we’re costing me my health, success, and freedom.

I learned how social media was evolving, I learned about the restrictions made by social media platforms to stop Network Marketers from growing their businesses on them for free – I learned some powerful tips and tricks to get around these.

But most of all I learned some incredible tools, systems and strategies that would stop me having to be stuck inside of my business – because they did some of the work for me – which meant my business would get HUGE leverage, I would get my life back and finally get to experience time & financial freedom – which is the main reason why I signed up to NWM in the first place!

It’s these exact systems that we teach within our academy – If you haven’t yet checked it out you can do so by clicking HERE.

Ok so given everything I know now – If I started another Network Marketing company tomorrow – what would I do different…
1. I wouldn’t just chase anyone and everyone!

This is the biggest mistake NWM make – they get told it’s a numbers game & to just work hard through the numbers because eventually someone will join.

I mean yes that’s logical sense – If you speak to enough people somebody will eventually join – however this is what we call completely winging your business and using ‘HOPE’ as your strategy and it’s exactly this that led me to burn out from constantly being glued to my phone and not taking time to switch off!

So instead of adding randoms everyday and spending all day hanging out in messenger trying to build the know, like and trust and sell myself to them!

I would…

Get clear on my niche or what we like to call ‘my dream team member’… Once I do this I will have a clear understanding of the kind of people I want to recruit to my team and then I can easily attract them to me throughout my marketing and social media posts – which completely cuts the chase and hustle of me having to go out and find new people to talk to everyday!

This will also give me high retention rates within my team – which means my team members will stick around and I won’t have to constantly replace drop out team members – WHY – because they will relate to me, we will have things in common that helps to form friendships and bonds, they will respect me, see me as an authority and a leader and duplicate what I teach – which means the momentum will be high within my team – they will all take action and see results which leads to them sticking around!

2. I wouldn’t lead with my company 

The online space is noisy these day’s!
There are tens of thousands of Network Marketers using the same tactics as you are – all trying to achieve success online!

People have cottoned onto most of these tactics now and can smell NWM a mile off and they run because of the way they are approached massively repels them – giving NWM a bad name and ruining your credibility  {which is another thing we’re passionate about changing}

Even social media platforms themselves have put restrictions in place to stop NWM spamming products and opportunity posts and messages – so this is a crucial thing to take note of and change if you haven’t done so already!

Instead I would lead with my own story / brand mission. This is how I am going to attract the right prospects to me and again not have to go fishing for them or chase them!

When I do this in a way that speaks to and relates to my ‘dream team member’ it activates a number of things for me…

  • Attractive social media posts
  • Social media posts that engage people and have them reach out to me
  • Builds a following of people who love me, relate to me and want to work with me
  • Gives me a wide variety of things to post about – so I’m not racking my brains each day on what to post
  • Makes me unique and different from the rest which helps me stand out and become an authority online
  • Allows me to sell myself as a leader – remember people buy people!
  • Helps me build the know, like & trust faster
  • Makes my business fun, consistent and easy!

This is where most NWM go wrong – they plaster their company all over social media, are all sell, sell, sell and wonder why they repel and aren’t getting sales or recruits.
When you change the way your posting on social media you will see things turn around for you and fast!

3. I would use modern social media tools to speed up my success

The online space is HUGE and such a powerful platform to make money on!
Within the era we live in most things are online – that’s why NWM companies now mostly grow online – gone are the days of home parties and prospecting in shopping malls!
Now you have the world at your fingertips!

Yet soooo many NWM still struggle when it comes to social media – WHY – because they haven’t adapted their strategy to what’s current and what works today!

We are blessed with technology today we really are.

Instead of having folders full of potentials and following them up yourself one by one – you can now build your database in one place – follow these potentials up at the click of a button and even automate some of the process!

This means your not stuck inside of your business 24-7 … I mean just think of all the things you have to do now…

  • Find prospects
  • Have endless one-one conversations with multiple people over and over again
  • Sell yourself
  • Stay on top of following them up – one by one!
  • Stay on top of your customers
  • Team training
  • Team one to ones
  • One to one business presentations with potentials
The list goes on and on!
And poor you have to do all of this yourself and keep on top of it all!

No wonder you’re exhausted and questioning when the time freedom is coming along – ermmm never – because your workload will only get added to the more you grow – so this is what we call stuck on the never ending hamster wheel of NWM!

Remember your only one person lovey – you can only do so much!

Things won’t change until you make changes to some of the things your doing and open your mind to modern tools available!

Available to us today are tools that do most of the above for us! They will…

  • Find prospects for you
  • Have conversations with them to build the know, like and trust
  • Follow them up for you
  • Keep on top of your customers
  • Train your team
  • Automatically host business presentations for you
  • And so much more

It really is incredible what modern tech can do for your business! And imagine how much more leverage you will get in your biz if it’s not all down to you doing it!

There are many more things I would do differently but these 3 are the main ones – if this has got you thinking and wanting to learn more then check out our academy – as this is everything we teach inside – check it out HERE

What we teach is a way for you to professionally position and market yourself online to ATTRACT – RECRUIT and SELL easily and effortlessly and experience what its like to have time and financial freedom ad unstoppable success.

It’s completely different to what anyone out there teaches!

We cover all of this in our academy – again we’re not going to push you to chase numbers and kill yourself in the process – that’s not our style!

Instead we teach you core foundations your business needs in place to really thrive and come alive on social media!

Just like a house needs foundations to stay together your business does too – so you can really start to break past the challenges and brick walls your currently stuck at and see the success and momentum you desire!

If you haven’t yet looked into it yet then be sure to do so HERE

Let’s fill your year with lots of new teamie’s, promotions and unstoppable success.

See you over there.

Love and gratitude.

Natasha XoXo