How to grow your business on facebook

IT JUST GOT A HECK OF A LOT HARDER TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS ON FACEBOOK! I don’t know if you have noticed over the last couple of weeks your facebook posts getting less engagement? If you use live video to grow your business perhaps your reach is going down! And especially on your business page the reach on your posts and live videos are lower than they have ever been!


This is because Facebook have made some huge changes and these changes are actually making it harder for us to use organic (free) ways to grow our business! What they are trying to do is stop people getting results from using organic ways to earn money and have to pay for Facebook ad’s to ensure that they get eyes on what they have to offer!


Whilst yes this is great for those people who currently use Facebook ad’s as a way to market themselves as it means the reach on your ad’s will be a lot more. For those who don’t have a Scooby how to use Facebook ad’s then they could potentially throw hundreds of pounds away using Facebook ads and not knowing how to correctly set them up!


More on that in a mo though, for now I wanted to give you some pointers on what is happening and things that will lower your score and de-crease your engagement! You see Facebook have put in place a robotic machine that is programmed to search for specific things and then automatically lower your score or worse put you in Facebook jail! Some of the things it will be looking for are; Like, comment and share posts! I have done lots of these in the past when I have ran online competitions as I am sure you would of too. But now if you ask people to share your content within your posts then the machine will pick you up, lower your score and your engagement will massively be effected! Putting links within the description of your live videos OR on your posts on your personal timeline! This will lower your score and therefore effect your engagement too!


Copy and paste statuses (mainly applies to network marketers!) If you copy and paste somebody else’s posts Facebook will recognise it and lower your scoring, again lowering your engagement! Be unique, be authentic, be YOU!! That’s what people buy into most!! Posting the same content into multiple groups will get you a temporary jail sentence (which means a temporary ban on facebook!) The same goes for if you send out the same message to a load of people via messenger! STOP spamming people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer with your products / business opportunity! Messaging 5-10 people a day and adding new people as a friend believe it or not is NOT the way to grow your business and Facebook are massively clamping down on those who do this!! If you are in lots of groups on Facebook then this will effect your score too! So I suggest going over your groups and removing yourself from the ones that you don’t want to be a part of! This will help with your score and engagement!


Things you can do to improve your score and engagement are; Like others statuses as much as you can Comment and interact with others on Facebook Interact with your Facebook friends through messenger Add value in your posts instead of selling! The more you interact with your Facebook friends the more Facebook will show them your content BUT only providing it doesn’t fall into any of the above categories I mentioned which effects your scoring!


Basically the purpose of making these changes are the fact that Facebook are trying to make you pay to grow your business online! Gone are the days when you can use these organic techniques to grow your business! You now have to pay!


Which takes me back onto Facebook ad’s as that is what Facebook is trying to push you to use more of! You see I love Facebook ad’s and I use them successfully to bring in consistent clients, however it hasn’t always been this way! When I first started looking into Facebook ad’s I didn’t have a clue how to set one up, I didn’t know what targeting options to use and split-testing and looking at the conversions completely went over my head. I dabbled in boosting some of my posts but always got really disappointing results and I ended up just throwing my money down the drain! I was so fed up of seeing little results from all of my online marketing and I was on the brink of burn out, completely overwhelmed with what was the best way to grow my business I very nearly gave up on my dreams!


I knew at that point it was make or break, I either gave up and continued cutting hair OR I invested and got a coach! I chose to invest in myself and my business as I know that is important for your growth! And boy am I so glad I did now especially seeing as all of these changes have come into place! Since I have invested I have been able to earn a consistent monthly income online of £10,000, this is because I have learnt the secret success strategies every six figure online entrepreneur has in place and I have implemented them! They are literally like magic! I thought seeing as all of these changes that have taken place that you would want to learn these secret success strategies too! Join me and my Femalepreneurs business partner Jo over in our free exclusive group where we share with you some of the strategies that will upscale your business to six figures and beyond.